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Limited Partnership & Company Limited, How is different?


Points of Comparison

Company Limited

Limited Partnership

Part A. Legal process



a.1 preparing Shareholders’ meeting and step of AGM



a.2 Approval of Financial Statements

By AGM–Resolution

Certified by Managing Partner

a.3 Obligation

Limited on registered capital (which remains)

1. For managing partner unlimited
2. For regular partner as the number of  shares held

a.4 Appointed Management


From unlimited partner

a.5 Able to be transformed


Can be transformed to Co., Ltd.

Part B. Presentation

Most common form of business structure; more formal and reliance


Part C. Registration



c.1 Requirement by Law

Need to have 3 promoters, 3 shareholders (at least 1 Thai for 51% shares) and 2 witnesses;

At least 2 persons can form a partnership (1 must be the Managing Partner)

c.2 Timeline

5 business days

5 business days

c.3 Government fee

6,500 per 1 M Baht capital

1,350 per 1 M Baht capital

Part D. Fee, scope and required documents



d.1 Our fees

15,000 Baht

15,000 Baht

d.2 Scope of services

Refer to Attachment A

Refer to Attachment B

d.3 Required documents

Refer to Attachment C

Refer to Attachment D

Attachment Ascope_Co.Ltd.

Attachment Bscope_Ltd.part

Attachment Creq_Co.Ltd.

Attachment Dreq_ltd.part

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Limited Partnership and Company Limited, how is different?

by Panwa Group of Companies

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