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Company Secretary may not be enforced by the Civil and Commercial Code of Partnership and Companies in Thailand, but to comply with its company law, all companies should appoint a qualified firm to do duties and responsibilities of a company secretary to ensure that they are complying with the disclosure and information of the Civil and Commercial Code of Partnership and Companies; below is our services covering all requirements under the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand:

  1. Keep and maintain all the statutory books and records of the company, ie. Minutes book, register book, share register etc.
  2. Ensure proper keeping of all necessary returns with the Ministry of Commerce such as audited financial statement, Submission Form for financial statement, Shareholders’ list, etc.
  3. Process share transfers documentations and recordings.
  4. Ensure safe custody of company seal.


  1. Issue notices of meetings to shareholders as directed by the board of directors.
  2. To publish the issued notice of meeting on a local newspaper as directed by the board of directors.
  3. Preparation of the minutes of directors’ meeting and shareholders’ meeting based on the information that will be provided by the company.
  4. To monitor, update and keep all Incorporated Documents.
  5. To support company's secretarial document when the company's financial statement need to file to Ministry of Commerce consisted of: Shareholders' List (BOJ.50), Application Form for Submission of Financial Statements (SBC. 3 Form), Minute of Annual General Meeting.
  6. We still provide free of charge for the following registration (not exceeding 2 times each) for;
    - Change address registration.
    - Change director (in and out).
    -Change for company's name.
    - Add or remove business's objective.
    - Increasing and decreasing company's share capital.
    - VAT application and Tax ID card.

Service Fee depended on your requested as below condition;

Option A., Full Services (refer to Nos. 1 - 11 services above) is Baht 48,000 per year.

Option B., Services as requested by your side (time by time), our fee will be charged according to the following details of preparation:
- Issue notices of meetings to the shareholders and publish the issued notice of meeting on a local newspaper (step of AGM) is Baht 2,000.
- Minutes of shareholders’ meeting is Baht 2,000 per set.
- Minutes of directors' meeting is Baht 2,000 per set.
- Application Form for Financial Statement’s Submission (SBC.3 and SBC.3.1 Form) is Baht 2,000.
- Shareholders’ list (BOJ.5 Form) is Baht 2,000.
- To duplicate incorporated document is Baht 1,000 per time with additional Baht 200 per kind of document.

- All requested services above, if need the English Translation will be charged at the rate of Baht 500 per piece(s)
- Out of pocket such as courier cost, oversea and long-distance calls, postage, photocopies, VAT and etc will be charged as actual rate.

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1560 Latphrao Road, Wangthonglang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand.

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