VAT Registration – Thailand

( To apply for Value Added Tax / Sales Tax / GST / VAT to The Revenue Department – Thailand)


Service fee is Baht 8,000


Condition of registration of VAT:

Business Operator who carry on business in Thailand earning more than 1,800,000 Baht per annum must register for VAT within 30 days of the date they reach 1,800,000 Baht in sales or services.

And all registered VAT operators must submit a monthly VAT return (PP.30 Form) to the Revenue Department of each located area within 15 days of the following month.

Required documents;

Company’s evidences:

  1. PP.01 (VAT application) Form  5 Sets
  2. PP.01.1 (VAT requested application) Form 3 Sets
  3. Copy of Affidavit (Not exceed 6 months) 1 set
  4. Copy of Memorandum of Associate 1 set
  5. Copy of Company Article
  6. Copy of Minutes of Statutory Meeting
  7. Copy of Shareholders’ List
  8. Copy of Company Certificate
  9. Copy of Tax ID Card
  10. Copy of ID card of signatory director(s).
  11. Copy of Housing Registration of signatory director(s).

Business office’s evidences:

  1. Permission Letter for using business office issued by owner
  2. Copy of ID Card and House registration – owner  1 set

(In case of owner is a juristic person, item no.13 will be waived and must be used below documents which are consisted of:

       14.  Location map 2 sets.

       15.  Photograph of office with present the address no. and company sign-board 2 sets.


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VAT Registration - Thailand

By Panwa Group of Companies

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