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We are looking for partnership or associate with personnel or companies both inside or outside of Thailand. We intend to make alliance and share information on the related business matters.

As well we hope there will be occasions in which we can help each other on agreed terms. For example we have clients from several countries in which English is not the first language. Thus sometimes we have communication problem. By having an associate or alliance partner we may be able to help each other in communication.

There are also other matters in which we, friends, can offer help. For example marketing, exchange or informing of different rules, customs, and traditions. There are more. Therefore having a network of businesses or companies we will be better positioned to provide our clients more than satisfied services.

For more information, please feel free to contact us:
Phone Nos.: +66 2 933 6121, +66 2 933 6122, +66 2 933 5601
(for call inside Thailand use 0 instead of +66)
+66 2 933 6120