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Payroll services

Payroll may be define as the total amount of money paid in wages; a list of employees and their salaries; or the department that determines the amount of wage or salary due to each employee or personnel.

Panwa Group also provides payroll services and offers payroll solutions such as:

  • Calculating, filing and payment of withholding tax, social security (insurance) fund.
  • Preparation of tax form, social security (insurance) form and submission to government agencies.
  • Preparation of employee statement, employee tax declaration certificate and individual tax returns.
  • Payment to employees, (contact and support essential documents to bank for its payment)
  • Total invoice from each payroll (automatically debited from your account)
  • Advisory on recruitment, payroll designing , benefits structuring, lay off and labor law
  • HR support services
  • Payroll worksheets for the next payroll

If you want to have peace of mind regarding your business’ payroll concerns, please feel free to call, fax or email your payroll information to us. We at Panwa Group are glad to serve you.


Q1: How do you serve after the company has completed registration, I prefer to consider in package of services.
Panwa: Panwa has ability to serve clients many kind of services covering Accounting, Tax, Social Security, Auditing, payroll and etc ( company documents search, translation, ...) see below for some information:

Accounting, Tax and Social Security services
For your case which business has just started operating, no need to install accounting software and no need to hire in-house accounting service with below reasons;

a. since we are outsource company which will take responsibility to complete its accounting job and our company has accounting software already which means we can provide you with our software.
b. Actually for small size business can control financial function with basic system and when we do step of recording we have to do reconciliation also, look like its system will be reviewed every month.
c. A qualified software must do complicated step for using of software, so for the start period of business your staff should have some experience before start to use the qualified software.

So we would like to propose you our scope of service, covering all you request as below. We can provide you accounting, social security and tax services by step below;

Step 1, every 2nd of each month we will send staff to pick up your company documents in order to prepare tax and social security form here at our office and then inform you the tax amount within 5th for your providing tax amount preferred by cheque.
Step 2. Around 6th or 7th our staff (messenger) will visit and pick up the tax amount in Cheque and will file to tax office in the same day. And also if VAT can’t file within 7th we will file VAT again within 15th )
Step 3. We will send you the copy of receipt by email or fax (upon your request) for your reference with 8th or 16th for VAT filling.

Step 4. The monthly report will be done in our office and will be finished and sent you within 25th of the following month.
** Case of request by tax officer, we will take a responsibility to meet, declare on behalf of your company.

Our fee for small and medium size, depend on case below;
Accounting, tax and social security services

  1. Dormant company is Baht __________, visit our website at;
  2. Pre-operation company is Baht 2,000 to 4,000 per month. (without monthly report)
  3. Operative company between Baht 5,000 to 18,000 per month depend on transaction and condition of your company.

Auditing service
Scope of service:        
In Thailand, we practice audit under Thai GAAP or TAS (Thai Accounting Standard), case of require audit under IFRS standards, there will be additional charge.
Timeline:                     Auditing will be done on yearly basis, so our auditing will start after the closing date of company’s accounting period.

SERVICE FEE;             Normally depend on transaction and nature of business, and option that you chose (TAS or IFRS or Audit under requirement of related company) the fee start at rate Baht 30,000 (for operation company), case of pre- operation start at Baht 15,000 to Baht 25,000.

Payroll service

Scope of service:               Depend on client request
Timeline:                          For provide service of payroll to our client.

  1. 25th                         we obtain the salary and wage information from your side, by email.
  2. 26th – 27th             we do prepare calculation personal income tax, and detail of salary payment.
  3. 28th                         sending salary payment and payroll information back to your side by email.
  4. 29th                         receiving information of bank and contact to bank on behalf of your company, by hand.
  5. 30th                         Bank process to transfer salary to each staff
  6. 3rd                           Panwa Staff’s will give withholding tax form to be signed by signatory director, give you the salary slip
  7. 7th                           to file the withholding tax form at the Revenue Department, Social Security Fund at the Social Security Office

Service fee - size 10 staffs, Service fee is Baht 8,000 per month.
Service fee - size 20 staffs, Service fee is Baht 12,000 per month.


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