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Choosing the Location of Your Business Office

Finding and choosing a location for your business office can be risky. Somehow, the key potentials for company’s growth and success depend on its location.

Factors that can be harmful or may affect the growth performance of the business must also be considered in choosing a location. Some of these harmful factors are: dust, smoke, unpleasant odors and noises, closeness to hospitals, drinking places and similar establishments, poor sidewalks, old buildings, poor security and the likes.

Some guidelines for finding a good office location:

1. Know the population of the area

  • Neighborhood
  • Environment
  • Capacity to contribute the growth of business

2. Know the market competition

  • Marketing environment
  • Business population
  • Competitors

3. Know the accessibility of the location

  • Transport facilities and transport links
  • Parking spaces
  • Roads and motor ways
  • Communication lines and cables
  • Safety measures
  • Street lights
  • Landmarks for easy-to-understand location map

4. Know the office type and needs for business
Office Solution

  • Virtual office solution
  • Serviced office solution
  • Conventional office solution

Properties, Facilities and Equipment

  • Size and capacity of the office
  • Internal/External structure and appearance
  • Special structural requirements e.g. ceilings and floorings
  • Facilities for employees and guests convenience

Office Solutions

Knowing the type of office that you need for your business is one important thing to consider. The following are kinds of office solutions according to preference:

Virtual Office Solution

This provides a total office experience without the actual leasing of office space. It typically provides a business with address, personalized telephone communication and answering, messenger services and accessibility for private offices and meeting rooms usage.

Serviced Office Solution

This provides flexibility in a professional business environment. One can lease an office for a day, a month, a year, short term or long term basis with no capital expenditures required. It can be a convenient arrangement for a business owner. It typically provides a semi or fully furnished offices, access to telecommunication and internet lines, meeting rooms and conference rooms, fax and photocopying machines, customized reception area with staff, secretarial support upon request, messenger services, kitchen and pantries, housekeeping and car parking services.

Conventional Office Solution

This is more convenient if the business will accommodate more than 20 employees for an office. However, renting or leasing of this kind of office area is in line with major financial commitment. One of the advantages of choosing this type of office solution is that this will give opportunity for the owner to customize the office space to match with the real corporate image of the business.


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