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Panwa Group of Companies
, are consisted of:

  • Panwa Auditing Co., Ltd.
  • Panwa Accounting Co., Ltd.
  • Panwa Corporate Co., Ltd.
  • Thai Office Rent Co., Ltd.

Panwa Group, founded in year 2000, is accounting, auditing and tax-business advisory firm based in Bangkok and Phuket. Founder and managing director is Mr. Tana Sipa, a certified public accountant (C.P.A. Thailand) with over 25 years experience at management level. We serve small to medium size local and international companies in various businesses around Thailand.

At present, we are providing auditing service to more than 120 companies, and accounting and taxation services to more than 80 companies all over Thailand. Many of these business have foreign, non-Thai partnerships.

As experienced Thai accountants and auditors we understand the complexity and changes of Thai law and regulation. We are also constantly updating ourselves to be able to provide our clients up to date information and the best services for the success of their businesses. Whenever necessary we inform our clients of news and changes and updates related to their business and taxation matters.

You can trust our professional team

Heads of auditing team are tasked with full time duty and are available to answer inquiries from the clients. Our heads of auditing team are:

  • Mr. Tana Sipa has long time experience in local and international of audit firms in Thailand. He is a certified public Accountant with register no. 5741 (C.P.A. Thailand).
  • Mr. Pichit Tanavatavivat is a certified public accountant with register no. 7224 (C.P.A. Thailand).
  • Ms.wanna Thangthavonsirikul is a certified public accountant with register no.7453 (C.P.A. Thailand).

All Audit staffs have accounting degree from university and continue to study by attending seminars by government departments and private organizations, as well as by in-house learning program. Every year audit staffs have to sit in the internal examination as part of their promotion assessment.

Panwa Auditing Company Limited holds the license with Federation of Accounting and Profession under the sector 11 of The Act of Accounting B.E. 2004 for audit company. Our license number is 0105546050917.



You can trust our Privacy Policy and Security Measures for Client's information

As today’s technology continues to advance, you can be sure we will provide timely and reliable security standards to keep your personal and financial information confidential and secured. Your trust and sympathy is important to us - and we're committed to protect your privacy.
There are certain aspects by which our clients are confident to trust their information to us.

The Information we collect

We collect certain personal information from our client within their knowledge and consent. We use this information for rendering our professional services specifically in taxation, accounting and business planning services in the extent of their request.

The sources we use to collect information
We use various sources in order to gather information from our client such as:

  • phone calls and interview with them
  • e-mail and facsimile correspondence
  • accounting and financial documents
  • tax return or financial planning organizers
  • financial history questionnaires and documents

Security measures for the client’s information

We do our best to maintain the security of personal and business information of our client. To protect client information, we maintain various privacy standards and safeguards such as:

  • All information from our client is treated as strictly confidential.
  • All data and related documents collected in file are stored in a secured area.
  • All data and related documents collected have backups and stored into a secured server.
  • The facility is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the use of video surveillance cameras inside and outside the building.
  • Access to our client's information is limited to those supervisor and staff who is responsible for the particular job
  • Sharing, selling, or acquiring individual personal information with any third party without the client’s authorization or permission is strictly prohibited.
  • We continually educate our staff on the confidential nature of any information as well as the privacy of the client.
  • All employees are not allowed to bring personal laptop, data storage and other electronic gadgets inside the secured area and the company premises.
  • All employees should use their e-mail address at the company’s website (  Private e-mail address is not allowed during correspondence with the client.
  • All messengers are trained and have many years of experience in handling the confidential information of our clients.
  • Strictly unfinished work to be finished at home.
  • Fire prevention measures are implemented.
  • We destroy all hard copies of data before disposing of it.

Ways of disposing client’s information

We keep our clients’ information for five years before we dispose it. Any document with client information must be shredded before disposal. Client information stored on hardware drives is protected by physical security, backup, and security password protected, should be fully overwritten and deleted before disposal. In the course of the professional practice, personally identifiable financial information is collected.  Disclosure of this information to third parties is legally and strictly prohibited unless the client has provided specific consent or authority.  No disclosure is made to third party service providers or affiliated parties.  No client information is shared with any person or entity outside of the company without express written authorization by the client, except as required by law, such as under legal proceedings.  Information on individuals who are no longer clients is handled the same way.

Panwa Group is committed to our client’s privacy and will only use their given and authorized information in our professional practice. Mistakes and miscommunications are possible during the process. However, we have implemented various measures to prevent them. If you have any comments or inquiry regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us. We will acknowledge any issue to the best of our abilities and professionalism.


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For more information, please feel free to contact us:

Office Phone Nos.: +66 2 933 9000
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Bangkok Address:
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