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Panwa Group of Companies
1560 Latphrao Rd., Wangthonglang,
Bangkok, 10310, Thailand.

Dear Intern (Accounting, Auditing and Business) Students,

Ref:    Invitation Letter for internship

Panwa Group of Companies founded in 2000, is a Thai Limited Company which has been engaged in providing business services for both local and foreign clients around Thailand. For almost 10 years in the business, our team, composed of professional auditors, accountants, staffs and interns from different Thailand and foreign universities have encountered struggles and success and continue striving for our continuous growth and development in rendering services not only here in Thailand but also in South-east Asian region and soon to other countries worldwide.

We have initiated an English-speaking workplace for our staff to enhance their communication skills especially in dealing with foreign clients. For our next step in goal achievement, we would like to invite accountancy or business students in your university particularly native speakers or other foreign nationalities to conduct their internship training here in our company. We are aiming not only to train interns but also to learn their culture, belief, and way of living which might be different from Thai style. Our intention is to become familiarize with other countries to promote friendship and good business relationship for our future clients internationally.

The internship will cover for 3 - 5 months period with deeper training in specialized fields of auditing, accounting, tax and business consultancy. In Panwa, we work as a team and treat everybody as family; we will let him/her experience our business philosophy. He or she will join and work with our friendly, team-oriented staff together with other Thai interns and expected to enhance his or her knowledge and skills in business field. In return, he or she is expected to participate with our initiative in promoting English proficiency to our staff. We will provide proper compensation and benefits for the students who will become considered.

During the internship for 5 months period, the intern student will learn:

  1. To learn for business basic knowledge of investment in Thailand, Taxation, accounting and a little knowledge of auditing.
  2. To handle small accounting job (until close account and issue the monthly report) through learning by doing of:
    • to learn financial statement analysis and
    • to learn accounting cycle, basic of accounting system and accounting software via Quick Book (worldwide software)
    • to learn how to prepare each kind of monthly report such as Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss statement, Cash Flow and etc.
  3. To joint some part of auditing procedure.
  4. Request to help for some research for business development of our group of company, the result of this research will be published under student name into website of Panwa Group.
  5. Jointly help to advise for consultation job especially how to do business in Thailand and setting up company in Thailand.
  6. To help our team who not conversant in English communication (both email and phone call).
  7. To learn how to do website marketing and also request to improve and create more marketing strategy.
  8. To visit and survey minimum 2 or 3 Factories.
  9. To summarize the learned knowledge (after 3 months internship) and give out via lecture to the group of Thai intern students and newly graduate staff of Panwa Group.
  10. To obtain the profile of internship here at the end, with thank you party by Panwa Group Team.

Any inquiry or further information please do not hesitate to contact our firm.

Best Regards,
Mr. Tana Sipa
Managing Director, C.P.A. Thailand.
Panwa Group of Companies

Some of internship in Panwa Group during year 2009 - 2020

Foreign Intern Students

13:PGT.001 Mr. Bastien Wissmanns, from ECE Lyon, France
11:PGT.012 Mr.Richard van der Put from The hague University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
11:PGT.001 Mr. George van der Meulen from Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
10:PGT.001 Ms.Sanne from Hogeschool Utrecht, Netherlands
Mr.Tenzin Kunchok from Tibet, Scholarship of Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi

Thai Intern Students
11.PGT.015 Ms. Samaporn Thongmai from Ramkhamheng University
11.PGT.014 Ms. Janyaporn Kaewkammee from Ramkhamheng University
11.PGT.013 Mr. Jetsada Kimchaiwong from Ramkhamheng University
Ms. Kanyarat Phaengnoi from Mahasarakham University
11.PGT.010 Mr. Adisak Yenchaiyaphum from Mahasarakham University
11.PGT.009 Ms. Kanokwan Siri from Mahasarakham University
11.PGT.008 Ms. Julaluck Chanaboon from Mahasarakham University
Ms. Benjawan Banmai from University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
11.PGT.006 Ms. Mananya Thiangtham from University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
11.PGT.005 Ms. Quanjai Chobtamkit from Nakhon Si Thammarat Rajabhat University
11.PGT.004 Ms. Porntip Thaworn from Nakhon Si Thammarat Rajabhat University
11.PGT.003 Ms. Saisunee E-pin from Naresuan University, Phayao
11.PGT.002 Ms. Pawinee Bunghan from
Naresuan University, Phayao
10:PGT.009 Ms. Pranom from Mahasarakham University
10:PGT.008 Mr. Sirichai from Mahasarakham University
10:PGT.007 Ms. Nuchjira from Mahasarakham University
10:PGT.006 Mr. Arun from Mahasarakham University
10:PGT.005 Ms. Chutima from Mahasarakham University
Mr. Watchara from Rajamangala University of Techology Suvarnabhumi
10:PGT.002 Ms.Nittaya from Ramkamheng University
09:PGT.012 Ms. Anusara Waikid from Ramkamheng University
Ms. Nanthida from Mahasarakham University
09:PGT.009 Ms. Malinee from Mahasarakham University
09:PGT.008 Ms. Pattarapon from Mahasarakham University
09:PGT.007 Ms. Vipaphun from Mahasarakham University
09:PGT.006 Ms. Orapan from Mahasarakham University
09:PGT.005 Ms. Apinya from Rajamangala University of Techonlogy (Phra Nakhon)
09:PGT.004 Ms. Kamonporn from Rajanangala University
09:PGT.003 Ms. Warissara from Intrachai Commercial College
09:PGT.002 Ms. Namkhang from Intrachai Commercial College
09:PGT.001 Mr. Surat from Ramkamheng University

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