Business Package in Thailand,
Bangkok and Phuket by Panwa Group




Business Package in Thailand provided by Panwa Group of Companies

Easy doing business through services provided by  Panwa Group of companies.

Your assurance of our credibility is our experiences in supporting foreign investors to do business in Thailand over a decade, with Panwa, doing business is easy and affordable; no need to visit here, no need to have office and staff. We are available to serve you with our long-time experience and qualified staff. We are ready to support your business activities in Thailand by proposing the best option for you as below: 

Accounting, Tax and Auditing Services

Option 1, Dormant company

Dormant Company means a company without any business activity; most of dormant company has purpose to standby for doing business,

Scope of service:      

Accounting, Auditing and Yearly Tax is Baht _____ per year (be change during high season April and May), more information please visit our website at:

Fee:  as mention on our website at:

Option 2, Active Company (in Operation) – Accounting, Tax and Auditing
Although your business activities are already active, you are able to control the management and financial from oversea, no need to have an office or staff here in Thailand, we can do all on your behalf.

Scope of services and Fee;

  1. Accounting and monthly tax service fee start at rate Baht 5,000.
  2. Auditing service start at rate Baht 20,000 per year.
  3. Case of request monthly financial statement the extra charge will be added.

Option 3, Active Company (in operation) with assistance in financial funtion

Scope of services and Fee:

  1. Accounting and tax service fee start at rate Baht 5,000 per month.
  2. Contact Bank, Invoicing, Billing, Collection, payment to vendor or supplier and etc on your behalf, (For the scope of clerical business work), our fee star at the rate Baht 8,000 per month.

Financial Function Control - "Trust Account"

Scope of services:

  1. We will open bank account under “Panwa Group Co., Ltd.”, for usage under the business activities of your company.
  2. Anytime requested by you to do settlement or transferring, we will issue the letter for your approval and then we will proceed settlement or transferring on your behalf.
  3. End of each month or anytime requested by you, we will prepare the movement report for your reference/rechecking.
  4.  The bank statement will be sent to you immediately when we obtain it from bank.
  5. Anytime when complete of settlement or transferring, we will scan receipt of bank for your reference.

Fee: start at rate Baht 8,000 per month.

Other Support:

Address for registration in Thailand - Provided by Panwa Group.

Fee: We offer our usage of office address services on the following options:

1.    Usage of address for the purpose of company registration ONLY is Baht 12,000 per year;
2.    Usage of address as client company address including handling and diverting mails to client whenever we receive it is Baht 36,000 per year. Please be informed that the courier/postal expense incurred in sending mails to the client will be charged on actual basis.
Further information for using our address for registration click here.

Setting up company in Thailand - No need to come to Thailand and we can solve all your problem.

Fee; as mentioned in website:

** Covering company registration,, Application for Tax ID. Number and VAT.
** Do not cover; Company Share Certificate, Share Certificate Book.
** Payment Condition: Full amount when sign the registration form.
++ In case of sending documents to be signed outside Thailand, the above fee will have an additional charge of Baht 5,000.
++ Incase the delay came from your side, which will extend the time for registration more than 1 month, the above fee will have an additional charge at rate 10% per each month of delay, since the company name 's reservation will be expired every 30 days.

Further information for setting up company in Thaialnd click here.



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