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Secretarial services

Panwa Group of Companies provides not only auditing, accounting and taxation functions but also secretarial services to our clients.

Our specialized and client-friendly staffs are expert and experienced in handling secretarial jobs and secretarial activities such as:

  • answering and making telephone calls and fax messages;
  • e-mail and fax message correspondence;
  • printing and faxing documents;
  • messenger services like mail delivery;
  • assistance in staff recruitment;
  • scanning and filling of office documents;
  • providing office location or address;
  • opening and closing bank account;
  • assisting in banking services;
  • documentation for trade activities such as export and import;
  • virtual office
Our main concern is the convenience of our client. Should you need our services, please feel free to contact us.
For more information, please feel free to contact us:
Phone Nos.: +66 2 933 6121, +66 2 933 6122, +66 2 933 5601
(for call inside Thailand use 0 instead of +66)
+66 2 933 6120
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