Registration of Increase in Paid Up Capital

By Panwa Accounting and Auditing

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Registration of Increase in Paid Up Capital in Thailand

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Paid up capital is the actual amount of money that shareholders have contributed or has been paid in full to the company as shareholder capital in return of their shares or voting power with the company. Authorized capital on the other hand is the limit to the amount of capital that the company is allowed to increase and it is usually decided upon the company set up.

Here in Panwa Group, we provide assistance to our clients in registration of increase in paid up capital whenever their company needs to raise its capital.

Service Fee; 10,000 Baht

Registration Procedures

  1. Publishing an advertisement on newspaper and sending the invitation letter to the Shareholders for Extraordinary Meeting within 14 days before the meeting date.
  2. Preparation of documents.
  3. Sending of documents to be signed by the Company director.
  4. Registration for Increase in paid up capital within 14 days from the date of Meeting.

List of required documents:

  1. Copy of Company Affidavit 1 set
  2. Copy of Shareholders list (BOJ.5) 1 set
  3. Copy of ID Card of director 1 set
  4. Details of increasing share capital; By increasing par value of share, By increasing no. of share/s.

Government fee

  1. 6,150 for every Baht 1 million increase in paid up capital
  2. Fee for sending the invitation letter to all shareholders:

- Advertising fee paid to local newspaper is Baht 800.
- Advice of delivery post locally (inside Thailand) is approximately Baht 20 per person.
- Advice of delivery post in oversea (outside Thailand) is approximately Baht 95 per person.


Normally will be completed within 21 days, below is a sample timeline in processing the registration of increase in paid up capital; assume that the procedures will start on February 1:

1 February - the invitation letter will be sent to the company to be approved and signed by the authorized company director (in case there are two authorized signatories, only 1 sign is needed).
4 February supposed that we obtained the signed invitation letter; we will publish it on a local newspaper and make copies of the letter to be sent to all shareholders via post with advice of delivery. These letters must be sent out within 14 days before the meeting. Also on the same day, we will send the registration forms to be signed by the company director. We will then request the cheque for payment of government fee to be sent to us along with the signed registration forms. The government fee will be based on the amount of capital to be increased. For every 1 million Baht increased, government fee is Baht 6,150.

18 February schedule to hold the Extra Ordinary Meeting.

19 February we will start the registration of increase in capital. In compliance with the law, the procedures will be completed within 14 days after the Extra Ordinary Meeting.

22 February the evidence such as registration documents (both in Thai and English version) will be sent to the company.

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