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Setting Up Company, Company Registration, Company Formatting - yasothon

  • Guarantee completion within 3 working days.
  • Guarantee signatory director / shareholder can come to sign documents in Thailand only 1 day.
  • Just only your passport, you can start business with us (all required documents will be arranged by us).
  • Talk to advisor / Tax Planner/ CPA Thailand/ call +66 81 919 6225
    (call inside Thailand 081 919 6225),

What we serve you for set up company ( company registration);

Fee; Baht 17,000 for the case of registered capital not exceeding Baht 5 million.
(For exceeding of Baht 5 million is be decided case by case)

** Covering company registration, Application for Tax ID. Number and VAT.
** Do not cover; Company Share Certificate, Share Certificate Book.

Other services related to setting up company, if you need. We hope our services below will help you to do business here more conveniently:

Procedure and Timeline:

Step 1:
Monday – Reservation of company name (the result will come out within 3 hrs).
Step 2:

Monday– You can sign the registration forms when you come here in Thailand, of course you can sign the VAT registration form too.
Step 3:

Tuesday– We will register your company at the Department of Business Development (DBD). VAT registration will be applied within the same day

Ccase that Panwa’s address will be used, it can complete only 1 day but case of using other address, it's depend on your support of documents.


In case the foreign investment lower than 50% or being signatory director, all Thai shareholders must present evidence of source of funds issued by bank (it's mean letter issued by bank to prove that related fund are keeping at bank), refer to DBD's Regulation no.205/2555

Provision Cost, provided by Panwa for
Baht 1 million
Baht 2 million
Company Registration
Company Registration - service fee
(for the case of registered capital not exceeding Baht 5 million)
17, 000.00
17, 000.00
Company Stamp
Tax Identification Card (free of charge)
- 0 -
- 0 -
VAT Registration (free of charge)
- 0 -
- 0 -
Plus Government Fees
Total Company registration Cost

*** The above provision cost do not include cost of applying visa and work permit ***


Required Document for Company Registration:

  1. -       Copy of ID card or Passport of every director(s) with certify.
  2. -       Copy of ID card or Passport of every promoter(s) with certify.
  3. -       Copy of ID card or Passport of 2 witness(s) with certify.
  4. -       Copy of Housing registration.

 Required Documents for Tax ID Number registration: please visit our website at: http://www.panwagroup.com/taxid.htm (free of charge) ,Since Feb 2012 the Revenue Department accept the Registration Number issued by DBD to be Tax ID number.

 Required Documents for VAT registration (if need to apply): please visit our website at: http://www.panwagroup.com/vatregistration.htm (free of charge)

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For more information, please feel free to contact us:
Phone Nos.: +66 2 933 6121, +66 2 933 6122, +66 2 933 5601
(for call inside Thailand use 0 instead of +66)
+66 2 933 6120
Email: mgr@panwa.co.th
Please CC: to our alternate email: panwagroup@gmail.com


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