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(To check, scrutinize, duplicate- transcribe from government and translation to English version)

An ordinary person has the right to scrutinize and request for the certificate or to transcribe the document already registered or requested to Department of Business Development without involving in the business. The person has to pay the legally stipulated charge.

Documents available for scrutinizing, requesting and transcribing:

1. Registered documents of a registered ordinary partnership.
2. Registered documents of limited company.
3. Registered documents of public company.
4. Registered documents of business operation of Alien.
5. Financial Statement of registered ordinary partnership, limited partnership, foreign juristic person and joint venture on the Revenue Code.
6. Shareholder lists of limited company and public company.
7. Commercial registration (of an ordinary person, of a group of person or non-registered ordinary Partnership)

Remark: documents item no. 5 - 7 can not provide the certificate.

The following list of company's documents can be duplicated:
(Common types of documents that we can duplicate)

  1. Company Affidavit,
    Contains the following:
    • Registration date
    • Registration number
    • Company name
    • Company directors
    • Company address
    • Authorized capital

NOTE: The above information applies to the existing companies registered for a long time. For the newly registered company, the affidavit contains not only the above information but also includes the Tax ID card no. and SSO no

2. Company Certificate,
This is the registration certificate issued by the Department of Business Development and contains:

3. Business Objective in Details
This document shows the general and special objectives of the company.

4. Articles of Association
Contains the following:

5. Company Seal (Bor. Oor. Jor. 3)
Contains the following:

6. Memorandum of Association (Bor. Oor. Jor. 2)
Contains the following:

7. Minutes of Statutory Meeting,
Contains the following:

8. Shareholders’ List (Bor. Oor. Jor. 5)
Contains the following:

9. Financial Statement with auditor report
Contains the following:

10. Shortly Comparison – Balance Sheet for the past 3 years

11. Shortly Comparison – Income Statement for the past 3 years

12. Unofficial Company Information
Only information and no official documentation will be obtained from the Government Department such as follows:

Anyway we still provide duplicate or transcribe with other sector of government such as The Revenue Department, Social Security Department and etc.

We at Panwa Group are aware that these kind of documents are very important to your company, therefore we would like to present you our services covering the matters above;

Our fee: based on scope of services below:

Package P1: Check for Existing company/ Registration date/ Registration number/ Company name/ Company directors/ Company address/ Authorized capital (refer to Item 12 above) with English translation, this kind of service you will obtain un-official documentation (Company's Affidavit) Thai and English version within 2 hrs., our fee is Baht 1,400. **** most requested by clients*******

Package P2: To check for Existing company and others mentioned in Package A above, this option you will obtain official documentation (Company's Affidavit, refer to item 1 above) in Thai and will be translated into English version within 1 day, our fee is Baht 2,800.

Package P3: To check Existing company and other information refer to item 1 and item 8 above, this option you will obtain official documents (Company's Affidavit and Shareholders' list) in Thai and will be translated into English version within 1 day, our fee is Baht 3,250.

** After the payment has been paid, please send email to and with detail of company (name and registration number) that you are needed so that we will give you the result within 2 hrs. Thank you..*****

Hot requested of year 2012

Check for Existing company/ Balance Sheet and Income Statement of the past 3 years (latest is year 2013 or 2014) with English translation, this kind of service you will obtain un-official documentation (Balance Sheet and Income Statement) Thai and English version within 2 hrs., our fee is Baht 1,600

Case you are interested, please send email to us at, our an nelectronic invoice will be sent you within 1 hr and the result will come to you within 2 hrs after the settlement be done. Below is a sample.




a. Documents search at Department of Business Development, The Ministry of Commerce; we start at rate Baht 2,000 and will be plus each Baht 200 for the second kind of documents and onwards.

b. Documents search at other government sector will be charged based on place.

c. Translation to English version, if need our fee charge at rate Baht 400 per piece.

Remark: The above fees is apply for Thai company only, for the company registered under other country incorporation law, the fee will be proposed case by case.


Q1: I prefer to hire you in package P3 for duplication the company's affidavit and shareholders' list, do you translate into Eng and can send original to us?
Panwa: Of course all duplication documents will be tranlated into English version and also will be sent you via post immediately.

Q2: Do your company provide certified by Notary Public and how much the cost?
Panwa: Case of client further request for certified by Notary Public we have additional charge in amount of Baht 2,000 for the 1st case and plus Baht 1,500 for the second case and onwards, such as:

  • Certified by Notary Public for affidavit is Baht 2,000.
  • Certified by Notary Public for affidavit and shareholders' list is Baht 3,500 (2 cases).

Q3: Could you provide documents search for ___________ (a company registered under Japenses juristic corporation), the fee is same as Package P2 for Baht 2,800?

Yes we can provide/duplicate an affidavit of branch of foreign company (also representative office of foregin company), the fee is Baht 3,800.
Remark: the fee is different with Package P2 above due to can be doned only in the Ministry of Commerce and also different procdures.
b. The above fee is apply for Thai company only, for the company registered under other country law, the fee will be proposed case by case.

Q4: May I ask you that Thai Government can issue company ceritificate in English?
Panwa: Thai Government (MoC) is unable to issue you the company certificate or any incorporated documents in English version, for your need you can find out by 2 ways below depend on your purpose of using:

1. To translate to be Eng and then go to Ministry of Foreign Affairs for tis certification.
2. To trnaslate to be Eng and then certify by Notary Public.

We can provide you both ways above and certify by auditor also.

Q5: Main point of interest is the list of shareholders and their participation level of ownership, I hope my anonimity towards in this matter is secured?
Panwa: we understood on your anonymity in this matter, the information is public information in Thailand everyone can duplicate and over 2,000 companies were be duplicated every day, please feel free on this matter.


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